November 10, 2011
Dream Brother by Jeff Buckley

Jeffrey Scott Buckley (Jeff Buckley) raised as Scooty Moorhead, when later on he will changed his name into Jeff Buckley. His father was also a musician, Tim Buckley, left him with his mother and eventually died on drugs overdosed. Jeff was raised by Ron Moorhead (step father), but he found his birth certificate after his father death and changed into his real first name which is Jeffrey Scott Buckley.

Jeff only met his biological father once when he was eight. This song, Dream Brother, was dedicated to a friend of his who was thinking of leaving his pregnant girlfriend, supposedly twins.

Best lines: “Don’t be like the one who made me so old, don’t be like the one who left behind his name. Cause they’re waiting for you, like I waited for mine and nobody ever came” was meant for his friend and Jeff urged his friend not to be like his father who only left behind a name for him. Buckley.

"Dream brother, with your tears scattered round the world"

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